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If you have any useful information you want to share with fellow Kendal Fellwalker's I will add it to this page.

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For details of how to join the Kendal Fellwalkers Facebook (members only) please read the joining instructions below.

 KFW Facebook Joining instructions and Guidelines.pdf

To start Charlotte Thompson has provided a recipe for the Brownies she so generously shared with people on the Ennerdale weekend -
125g butter plus extra for greasing tin
40g Cocoa powder
2 eggs
250g Vanilla caster sugar
50g S R flour
Options either 75g chopped nuts or chocolate
Gas mark 4/180 degrees/350 f
25-35 minutes
20cm square tin

Preheat the oven. Grease tin and line with baking parchment. Gently melt butter in pan and stir in cocoa powder until blended in and set mixture aside. In a another bowl, beat eggs and sugar until light and then add cocoa mixture to it. Sift flour into mixture and fold in with a metal spoon, add nuts/choc and mix in with spoon. Pour mixture into lined and greased tin and bake for 25-35 minutes do not over cook brownies firm up as they cool. After cooking leave in tin until cool and cut into squares they should be crispy and chewy on outside and moist (and a bit squidgy on the inside if you've put choc pieces in).
Serving suggestions; warm with vanilla ice cream and a glass of Pedro Ximenenz sherry, or cold in pack lunch on the fells!


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